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To simplify Thermo vendor interaction, OMNIC Universal Technology allows Thermo directors to configure the OMNIC via the OMNIC Embedded Controller.  In OMNIC, the Thermo is an integral part of the data flow, rather than just a display device. The OMNIC Series software is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux based workstations and PC clients.  Thermo users can connect directly to the OMNIC Series Software via a web browser or OMIX software client to access data and configure instrument parameters.  Thermo data can be accessed by OMNIC via either a remote access method or via a local client and database.  A variety of options are available to meet Thermo operational needs, including data consolidation, high data throughput, visualization, report generation, on-line or off-line data access and analysis, data archiving, and direct database access. Use of the OMNIC Series Software provides automatic computation of database queries from the operator's configuration.  OMNIC software automatically manages change tracking to prevent and correct any inconsistencies in configuration data.  Integration of the OMNIC Series Software with the Thermo can be managed either by installing, removing or updating it. The OMNIC Series Software consists of three primary modules:  OMNIC Embedded Controller (EC), OMNIC Data Management, and OMNIC Data Analysis.  OMNIC Data Management provides remote access to data from the OMNIC Series Software via a web browser or OMIX software client.  OMNIC Data Analysis provides direct access to data from the OMNIC Series Software and uses internal commands to process data to produce reports, graphs, visualizations, and spreadsheets.  OMNIC Embedded Controller is the backbone of the OMNIC Series Software, providing advanced instrumentation features and functions to control and monitor the entire Thermo.  OMNIC Embedded Controller provides functions that include variable switching, battery monitoring, instrument data acquisition, and alarm generation.  OMNIC Data Management allows users to access and view data from the OMNIC Series Software via a web browser or OMIX software client.  Data sources can include the Thermo instrument database and instruments.  A remote access method is provided to access data and instrument status from an Internet-accessible browser, while a local client access method allows the Ther



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Omnic Software Download Ftir Microscope

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